What is Rocket. How does it works. When Where and Who Invented it.

Rocket word has several meanings. Many of us think that it is a tall, pointed top cylindrical vehicle which goes into space at very high speed. Yes, they are right. Rocket is an aircraft, spacecraft, missile or a long vehicle that obtains thrust from a rocket engine.

How Does Engine of a Rocket Work?
As we all know that a Rocket mainly works on the principle of thrust and on the Newton third law of motion. It says that for every, action there is an equal and opposite reaction. According to this law, the rocket pushes the high hot gases to its exhaust and in turn, the gases pushes the rocket back. The thrust is obtained from a propellant which is used inside the rocket to get the high propulsion and thrust. It is carried to the rocket before use. It is a mixture of chemical which is burned to produce thrust in rockets. propellants are consist of oxidizer and fuel. And due to the presence of oxygen inside the reaction, the fuels burns and hot gases are released from the exhaust outlet of the rocket which in turns moves the rocket in an upward direction.

Note that there is a huge difference between a Rocket and a Jet Engine. A Jet engine needs air to perform and it obtains the air from the atmosphere but a rocket doesn't need air to work. It carries everything that it will need during its journey. It is the main reason why a rocket engine works in space, where there is no air.

The Rockets are mainly categorized into two variants on the basis of fuel that they carry and use. Some of them use liquid fuel and some solid fuels. The space shuttle orbiter uses liquid fuel. Also the Russian rocket, 'Soyuz' uses liquid fuels. Other rockets like model rockets and fireworks rockets use solid fuels. The two white solid rocket boosters on the sides of the space shuttle use solid fuels.

When and Where the Rockets are invented first?
In Early 1100 - 1200's, the rockets were used by China. The Chinese used these solid rockets as fireworks and also in the next 700 years they developed some big and powerful rockets which were used in wars as a weapon.

Who Invented the first liquid-fueled Rocket?
American engineer and Physicist, Robert Hutchings Goddard (1882 - 1945) invented the first liquid-fueled rocket. This Rocket launched successfully on 16th March 1926. Engineer Robert Hutchings and his team members launched a total of 34 rockets during 1926 - 1941.

How NASA Uses the Rocket?
Earlier the Rockets for the NASA mission was constructed by U.S military. American astronaut, Alan Shepard who was the first man in space flew on the Redstone rocket by U.S army. Also the first man in orbit, John Glenn flew on an Atlas Rocket. NASA's first rocket used in Apollo missions to send astronauts on the moon were SATURN I, SATURN IB and SATURN V.

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