Some unknown facts about planet Mercury.

The universe is a very huge place to understand, study and research on. We, human beings and other creatures, plants, and other living things are a very minute part of this huge universe .our galaxy (Milky way) is very different and unique from other galaxies present in the universe. Each galaxy has their own group of planets and there are billions of galaxies present out there in the universe. But we are only familiar with our galaxy and our eight planets. In this post, we will go deeper and will understand some unknown facts of our planets.

Quick Facts of Mercury

  • As we all know that mercury is the closest planet to the sun but still it has ice on its surface (those part which never gets sunlight). 
  • Due to the misty (cloudy) atmosphere near the horizon of earth, we are unable to see mercury from the ground telescope. 
  • The weight of a human being on moon is 38% of that of earth. 
  • Mercury is so close to the sun, and this is the only reason why it is only visible during evening twilight sky of the earth. 
  • Mercury completes three rotations on its axis for every two orbits of the sun. 
  • Mercury is named for the Roman messenger of god.
  • It is one of the five planets which was known to the ancient peoples and they named these as 'Wandering stars'.
  • 176 days of earth makes up a day on mercury.
  • 88 days of earth makes up a year on mercury.
  • Mercury is the second dense planet (due to composition of rocks and metals).
  • Second hottest planet (Venus is the first hottest planet).
  • Only two NASA spacecrafts have visited mercury (Mariner 10 and the messenger probe).
More data of mercury
Moons:                               None
Magnetic field nature:       Weak
Diameter:                           4,879 km (3,031 mi)
Orbit days:                         88 days (Length of a year)
Rotation period:                 58.65 days
Mass:                                  3.30×10^23 Kg (5.5 percent of the earth)
Orbit distance:                    57,909,227 Km
Surface temperature:          -173 - 427 degrees celcius
No of satellites:                    0

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