South Indian actor R. Madhavan is ready for his upcoming movie, "Rocketry"- The Nambi Effect.

NEW DELHI: The famous South Indian Actor R. Madhavan will soon be the ISRO scientist. The teaser and the first poster of the film, 'Rocketry' have been released a while ago. The film is directed by R. Madhavan and Anant Mahadevan. This movie will be released in Hindi, English, Tamil, Malayalam, and Telugu very soon. R. Madhavan also shared the video of the film with his Instagram and Twitter account to promote it quickly and effectively.

For watching Rocketry Teaser click here

The film made on the life of S. Nambi Narayanan is coming with the name( Title), 'Rocketry'-The Nambi Effect. S. Nambi Narayanan was a scientist of the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO). But In 1994, he was arrested on false allegations of spying (underground activities). But in the year 1996, the C.B.I rejected the false blame on him and finally in the year 1998 the supreme court rejected the flaws on him and found him innocent. Madhavan also stated that NASA has to make 19 attempts to complete the Mars mission. Also, Russia completed this mission after 16 years of hard effort. But India had completed this mission for the first time in half of the price while comparing with these two countries. 



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