India and France Space agencies collaborated for Inter-planetary mission to mars ,venus.

France and Indian space agencies [CNES and ISRO] have been discussing and planning to work together on the inter-planetary mission to Mars and Venus. a French source said. Almost after a month of discussion, the two space agencies have finally agreed on a joint statement for an strengthen space collaboration.

Indo-French collaboration is very strong and powerful and this bond is over six decades old. India had been utilizing the French facilities for sending the bulky satellites into the space orbit.It was France who helped India when India was thinking about technical help following atomic tests in 1974. 

The French national space agency (CNES) and the Indian space research organization (ISRO) has also agreed to work together on an autonomous navigation of the rovers on Mars, moon and the other planets. Both the space agencies will also work together on auto breaking technology for the planetary exploration. 

Venus is under-investigated contrasted with mars. This is the reason why we need to mainly focus on Venus first. ISRO has affirmed this need for them. Also, several meetings and discussions are additionally continuing for the future of India's Mars mission. CNES official said.

India has already attempted two effective inter-planetary missions, 'Mangalyaan' to Mars and 'Chandrayaan-I' to Moon. It is probably going to send Chandrayaan-II this month, another mission for investigating the Moon. ISRO additionally has plans to send another mission to Mars and Venus. 

Specifically, CNES could offer help to ISRO's moon Navigation rovers. while the two will together work on the models to contemplate Mars and Venus climates, CNES official said.

like Mars, Venus is Earth's nearest planet. on December 14, 1962, The US space test Mariner 2s flew by Venus. From that point, almost more than two dozen missions have been attempted to investigate the planet. Venus remains a mysterious confuse for the researchers. Its surface is covered in a ceaseless cloud cover and that's the reason why the venus is so difficult to understand in contrast with the Earth. 


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