SpaceX Journey

SpaceX is an American private aerospace manufacturer which also provides space transport services for NASA. The company is situated and headquartered in Hawthrone, California. SpaceX also owns a test site in Texas and controls the three launch sites. From Dec 2017 onwards, SpaceX uses three launch sites. The Space launch complex 40 at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station (Florida), The launch complex [39-A] at Kennedy Space Center (Florida) and the Space launch complex [4E] at Vandenberg Air Force Base in California. SpaceX is also working on its fourth launch facility pad at the Beca Chica Site (Brownsville, Texas).

The company original name is, Space Exploration Technologies Corporation, and its trading name is SpaceX. It was founded by Elon Musk (CEO of SpaceX) on 6th May 2002 to reduce the cost of space transportation and space technologies. Elon Musk (Elon Reeve Musk) was born on 28th June 1971 in Pretoria, South Africa. His citizenship is South African. Elon Musk is an Industrialist and an engineer. He is also a Co-Founder of Tesla architect and Neuralink. According to the Forbes list Report (Dec 2016), he was ranked at the 21st place for the "World's most powerful people" category. According to Elon Musk, the purpose behind his idea was to enable the Human Colonization on Mars by reducing the space transport and technology cost.

Some manufactured products of SpaceX are; Falcon launch vehicles, ASDS landing platforms, Dragon Capsules. Dragon spacecraft family and Falcon launch vehicle are known to provide payloads into earth's orbit. According to the Nov 2017 report, there were almost 7000 employees working under SpaceX. This company had started its journey with only a few employees in 2002. By Nov 2005, SpaceX had nearly 160 employees. 

SpaceX also has an official website. The website team regularly updates the latest news, Facts and their Inventions on their official website. SpaceX has achieved much success in their past 10 years. The achievements of SpaceX are :

  1. SpaceX's first privately financed liquid-fueled rocket (Falcon-1) to reach the earth's orbit in 2008.
  2. SpaceX was the first privately financed aerospace company to launch and recover back the Dragon Spacecraft in 2010.
  3. SpaceX was the first private aerospace company to launch Dragon Spacecraft to the ISS (International Space Station).
  4. In 2015, SpaceX performed the first propulsive landing of the Falcon 9 Orbital Rocket.
  5. SpaceX also reused the same Orbit Rocket Falcon 9 in 2017.
  6. In 2017, SpaceX was the first to successfully relaunched and landed the first stage of Orbital Rocket.
  7. In 2018, SpaceX launched the first sports cars (a dummy payload) for the Falcon heavy payload into space. 

On 8th Jan 2018, SpaceX launched a Falcon 9 Rocket carrying Zuma satellite (U.S Government Satellite). But after few minutes of launch, the rocket malfunctioned near the earth's orbit. The Falcon 9 Rocket carrying the Zuma satellite fell back and burned up in the earth's atmosphere.

The SpaceX company has successfully flown ten missions to the ISS (International Space Station) under the Commercial Resupply Services (CRS). CRS is a group of services by NASA to deliver the cargo and supplies to the ISS. SpaceX is also working on a heavy lift-off launch vehicle which will support the Interplanetary Transport System. The SpaceX company will soon launch the very first Interplanetary Spaceship (a reusable booster supported with second stage spacecraft).

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