Mission objective
1. To perform a Lunar landing and return back to Earth, a national goal set up by the president John F. Kennedy.
2. To perform some lunar surface photography.

Apollo 11 was the first successful manned spaceflight to land on the surface of the moon.This Apollo mission was the first and the last mission of the Apollo's "G" mission type. The Apollo 11 mission was crewed by the three astronauts, The mission commander - Neil Armstrong, The pilot of the lunar module (Eagle) - Buzz Aldrin and the pilot of the command/service module (Columbia) - Michael Collins. They were launched by Saturn V Rocket on 16th July 1969 from NASA's Space center located in Florida. Apollo 11 became the first spaceflight that landed with the first two astronauts on the surface of the moon. They landed the lunar module "Eagle" on the lunar surface on 20th July 1969 at 20:18 UTC. The name of the landing site was "Tranquility of Base".

After landing on moon's surface they both took some photographs, carried about 20 kg of lunar's soil and also some pieces of rocks to be taken to earth. Michael Collins was the pilot of Apollo 11 command module, "Columbia". After spending almost about 21 hours and 30 minutes on the lunar's surface, they rejoined the Columbia in lunar orbit. After few minutes, the lunar module ascent stage was jettisoned from the command/service module. After the jettisoning, the ascent stage of lunar module collided with the lunar surface and destroyed at last. The Apollo 11 was grouped into three modules, the command module "Columbia" (CM), Service module (SM) and Lunar module "Eagle" (LM). On next day, during the re-entry of the spacecraft to the earth's atmosphere, the service module was finally set to jettisoned safely away from the command module. Finally, the command module safely splashed down in the Pacific ocean and later recovered by the US aircraft carrier ship "ALAMEDA".

The total crew capacity of this spacecraft was 3. The command module (CM) was the only part that lands back on earth with all three astronauts safely. The service module (SM) was connected and supported with the command module (CM) with electrical power, water, Propulsion, and oxygen. The last section, the lunar module (LM) that had two steps to perform at all. The first stage or lower stage was to land the module on the moon's surface with the astronauts whereas the last stage or the upper stage was to take back the astronauts into the lunar orbit. Live footage of the mission was relayed continuously to the NASA space center in Florida and also broadcasted live on the television. The total duration of the Apollo 11 mission was 8 Days: 3 hours: 18 minutes: 35 seconds.

Many hidden secrets were there behind the Apollo 11 mission that was never disclosed. Some of them are listed below. 
(1) Armstrong and Aldrin shared some important facts about the moon's atmosphere, like how it smells. They reported that it was like the smell of wet ashes of burned coal.

(2) Buzz Aldrin reported that he urinated in his spacesuit's urine collector, and due to some breakage inside aldrin's urine collector, the urine drops fell down on moon's surface, hence he became the first person to urinate on the moon's surface.

(3) Astronauts of Apollo 11 mission left many artifacts and symbolic things back on moon's surface, American flag, Apollo 11 batch, a golden olive branch. Also, they left some unwanted cables, Hammer, Tongs and a lunar camera.

(4) During the Apollo 11 mission, Aldrin and other astronauts saw a UFO that was observing them since their journey to the moon. But at that time Aldrin and other two astronauts were not able to share this information in an open microphone during the Apollo mission.Later, Aldrin disclosed this secret in a documentary interview.

(5) Astronaut Aldrin and Armstrong wanted to shoot a video of their returning back into lunar orbit. After placing the lunar camera on the moon's surface, they recorded the full video of returning back into lunar orbit. Sadly the lunar camera is still laying on the dusty surface of the moon. But the good news was that; it has completed its job of recording and transmitting the live footage of returning back into lunar orbit.