Our mother galaxy is very huge and bright, and it contains trillions of stars and interstellar material held together by gravity in the Space.The sun is a little halfway from the center of the galaxy.Our galaxy is named as "Milky Way" as it is very bright and this brightness is due to the sparkling stars forming it.The word "Milky" is derived from the Latin word "Via Lactea", it means loads of milk or band of light(scientifically).All the planets lie inside the milky way galaxy or More precisely it contains our whole solar system. During the clear night(dark night) from earth, it looks like a band of light (a group of trillions of stars) as it forms a disk-like shape with spiral-shaped arms which combines one on one to form a whirlpool structure.

During early 20's many scientists thought that all the stars in the universe are engaged to form the milky way and many debates were held between scientists.But they were wrong.There are other many galaxies besides our mother galaxy researched and observed by scientist Edwin Hubble.

 According to Italian scientist/Astronomer Galileo Galilei (15 Feb 1564 - 8 Jan 1642), he individually observed stars with his telescope (not visible with naked sky) and his conclusion tells that stars combining in the sky make a path or a (band of light) that forms the galaxy.There are also many observations done by Galileo Galilei on the milky way and our solar system.He also invented an instrument that can make things look closer.The name of that instrument is "spyglass".In 1609, he invented his first telescope with the help of his old spyglass concept.He was the only person to first see the close visible images of the sky with the help of his telescope.After the invention of the telescope and many observations, Galileo proved the world that moon has some features exactly same as earth like mountains, rocks, water resource, muddy soil, pits.Before this observation made by Galileo, most scientists were thinking that moon is just a plain sphere like planet.But Galileo proved it wrong and discovered a new invention that shocked everyone.If scientist Galileo were around today then surely he would be surprised by the discoveries and invention of NASA.

The oldest stars in the universe are "Methuselah", code name -HD 140283.It is said to be 190 light years away from our mother planet Earth.The milky way is a spiral galaxy with lakhs of a light year in diameter(100,000 and 150,000).Having such a huge diameter, more than 300 billion of stars and about billions of planets are embedded in it, that makes up the giant galaxy(The Milky Way galaxy).

The Milky way also has many smaller galaxies that are component of Virgo bounded to it inside gravitation.About 33% of the world's population cannot see the milky way due to pollution of light and stray light from the moon.The milky's way Galatic plane viewed from the earth shows that an area is covered of the whole sky that has 30 constellations (a group of stars considered to be a mythological animal, people or god).The milky way is second largest among the local group of galaxies due to its disk-like shape and having a huge diameter of space.About 40% mass of the milky way appears as a dark matter.According to scientists, half the matter of the milky way has come from other galaxies neighboring to it.