Our solar system consists of the sun and the other eight planets named as mercury, venus, earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune.The inner four planets(mercury, venus, earth, mars) are also called as terrestrial planets.Jupiter and Saturn are composed of helium and hydrogen gas while Uranus and Neptune are mainly composed of ice(heavier than components of Jupiter and Saturn).All are at some distance and are bounded gravitationally in the space.All the planets move on their rotational path around the sun.The planets directly orbit around the sun but the moon does it indirectly.According to the distance from the sun, the mercury is the hottest planet and Neptune is the coldest planet.According to Nasa reports our solar system is 4.550 billion years old.Our solar system is also composed of asteroid belts that are mainly composed of metals and rocks which lies between the orbits of Jupiter and Mars.


There are possibly many numbers of dwarf planets on the outer cliff of our solar system(consists of icy bodies).But there are only five planets that are recognized by International Astronomical Union(IAU).They are Haumea, Makemake, Eris, Pluto and ceres(removed from the solar system in 2006) is also considered as a dwarf planet of our solar system.


Comets are the small bodies of the solar system.They are composed mainly of ice.When any comet enters to the solar system then due to sun's heat it is converted into the tail of dust and gas.comets has their different orbital life spans.some of them lasts less than 150 years and some of them last for thousands of years.And also comets are different from asteroids in the way that they have a type of atmosphere which is not bounded and surrounds its central nucleus.Comets originate in the solar system's outer atmosphere whereas the asteroids are formed inside the orbit of Jupiter. According to the research, nearly one comet is visible per year to us with naked eyes.


Asteroids are also known as solar system's tiny planets or small planets.Basically, they are found and formed in the inner part of the solar system.Also, the larger asteroids which are larger in size or dimension are called as "Planetoids".

Meteors are also known as "shooting stars" which is a small size planetary dust and burns when it comes in contact with earth's atmosphere at high speed.When the earth crosses from the orbital path of a comet, then showers of meteors takes place, which is also known as "meteor shower".Normally they are visible for few days in the sky.When a small piece of rock or debris falls towards the earth's surface then they pass through a high temperature, pressure, and speed too.Due to a lot of friction from the above factors, it gets heat up and results in a bright firelight (like a fireball).This natural phenomenon is also known as "shooting star" or falling star.It is named as falling star because of people's thought and it's bright falling nature.All these natural phenomena like comet, asteroids or meteoroids are termed a meteorite.That means they all are categorized under the same family i.e. "Meteorite".