Constellations and stars are seen along the milky way. According to the Yale bright star catalog, 9,096 are visible to our naked eyes with the magnitude of 6.5 and brighter. Lesser than that will be not visible to a person's naked eye. But of course, by using viewing instruments like a telescope, it is easy to see more stars with lesser magnitude. Yet the Milky way constellation is visible from earth because the group of stars forming the constellation is of magnitude 6.5 or above.

But in this post, I'm showing 15 of them based on their size, value or importance and mainly the visibility. With the help of Star map, it is easy to observe the particular constellation according to the place you live and the seasons. For making this simpler and easy for you there are many apps that you can download in pdf format. Here I'm listing three of them (1)Astroviewer (2) Google sky and (3) Star map which also comes in ios platform. Download it and print it to make the task easier for you. Note that all of the above maps will show you the shape of the constellations. But with the help of this map you're not fully prepared but also you will need two more things.Guess...

Ok. so here they are. A dark sky away from cities and a binocular or telescope for viewing brighter stars, nebulae and star clusters.Many of the constellations are visible for six months and much lesser than that. But the below constellations are the most famous ones and can be visible to naked eyes in the Northern hemisphere.

One of the famous, oldest and biggest constellation is Aquarius. According to the mythology view, it represents a handsome young man.It contains no bright stars as their magnitude is less than 3. The line to the right side is the arm of Aquarius holding a vase through which water is flowing. But this constellation is not visible from cities. 

Famous as a carrier of Zeus, this constellation is most visible in the month of September. Aquila is the Eagle according to Greek mythology and also the thunderbolt carrier for Zeus. Aquila lies in the milky way light band. This constellation also has a very famous or you can say prominent star which is very close to the naked eyes.Its name is "Altair". Top of the Aquila forms an inverted "V" which represents the wings and the head of the eagle.

This constellation is clearly visible in the month of December. Different constellations have its own mythological stories and importance. One among the 12th constellation, this constellation forms the zodiac (constellation that sits the sun's path in the sky). In old times zodiac has its own importance. According to Greek mythology, Aries is the Ram having a golden fleece. It's a symbol of authority and kingship. Aries is formed by the 4 or sometimes 5 visible stars forming a line above the ram's head. In Aries constellation, Hamal is the most visible star and is commonly termed as "orange giant".

4.canis Major
This constellation is best visible in the month of February. Canis major represents a greek dog "Laelaps". It is said to be the hunting dog of Orion. It is much better visible because it has it's the brightest star "Sirius". Traditionally, this constellation appears in the late summer i.e. the dog days of that season. "Adhara" another bright star lies at its rear end and the "Sirius" is on the top head.

This constellation is visible in the month of November or early winter. According to Greek mythology, it's a name of a queen who is very beautiful.She was the mother of princess "Andromeda". With it's brightest five stars it is very easy to find in the night dark sky and it forms alphabet "W" comprising of five stars.

Cygnus or "swan" is the constellation which is clearly visible in the month of September. It is said that Zeus once formed into a swan to seduce "Leda".She is the mother of Gemini and Helen. According to another Greek story, it is said that Orpheus was murdered and set as a swan in the sky next to Lyra (a constellation). Deneb(the swan's tail) is the brightest star in the night sky.

Gemini means twins in the Greek mythology. And this constellation is better visible in the month of February or late summer.Leda's twins are Pollux and Castor. His father name was castor who is the king of Sparta. But according to the story above pollux's father was Zeus as he had seduced Leda in swan's form. Castor and Pollux are the brightest stars showing the head of the twins.Gemini constellation is just next to Orion making easy to find and recognize both of them.

It is the most minor of them all and is not a recognized as a constellation. The Latin word for Leo is "Lion".It is very much visible in April. According to the mythology system, Leo was very aggressive, frightening and brutal lion and was killed by Hercules. No one could kill the lion with the weapons because its claws are sharper than any knife, weapon or sword and its fur was too hard and hulky. The planet Jupiter is just beneath the constellation Leo. A mirror imaged question mark is the head and chest of the lion. To the left, it forms a triangle which is the rear end of the lion. The brightest star in the Leo constellation is "Regulus" situated at the right bottom side showing the lion's front right leg.

This constellation is much better visible in the month of August or mid of the year. This constellation is connected with a great musician, Orpheus. Music of him could settle down the brutal anger and can bring joy in place of it. He was killed after his wife died and his harp was thrown into the river. Zeus sent an eagle to take on the Lyra and put in the night dark sky. It has its brightest star named "Vega" (one of the brightest and smallest stars in the sky) but can be easily found in the night sky.

According to Greek mythology, Orion is the super hunter and the child of Poseidon who holds the lion's head. This constellation is better visible in the starting month of the year i.e. January. Among all the constellations in the universe, it is the most famous, bigger, visible and easy to find constellation. It can be viewed from any part of the world. Orion constellation is also described in the Holy Bible and homer too. To find Orion's constellation there are three stars to be observed easily i.e. Rigel (right bottom) and Betelgeuse(top left) are the brightest one that can be easily visible.

Pisces constellation is best visible in the winter days in the month of November. Pisces is also termed as "fish" in Latin.The two fishes up there in the constellation is Aphrodite and her son Eros. To get away from the huge and aggressive monster of the Greek mythology (Typhon), they both turned into fish and tied themselves with a common rope (for not getting lost away from each other). With the right and left fish, it forms a "V" shaped structure in the sky. The right fish also forms an "O" on the top right end and the left fish forming a triangle at the left top end.

Scorpius is derived from the word "Scorpio" or "Scorpion" in Latin. This constellation is best visible in the month of July. According to the mythology, there was a hard-fought between the Orion and the scorpion, but Scorpion was defeated very badly. Early he told that he could kill all the animals on the earth but defeated by the scorpion. And with that victory scorpion was raised on to the sky as a constellation. In the night sky, it is very easy to recognize Scorpius as Antares(a bright star) is centered in the constellation "Scorpius" and said to be the heart of the Scorpius.

Taurus is also known as "bull" is best visible in the month of January. It is one of the oldest constellations in the galaxy.There are many myths with this constellation related to Zeus as he considered himself as a bull. Another myth is associated with Hercules as the bull was referred to as the seventh labor bull of Hercules. It forms a "V" which is the head and horns of the bull. It is easily visible in the sky at night sky. Bull's right eye is formed by the brightest star in the constellation which is "Aldebaran".Also, a small "v" is also formed in the center.

14.Ursa Major
Here Ursa major is termed as a larger bear or bigger bear. Ursa is a Latin word for bear. This constellation is best visible in the month of April. This constellation is related with many mythologies around the world and is universally easily visible in the northern hemisphere. The seven stars forming the bear's tail is easily visible at any time. But rest of the bear's body is not visible in light polluted zones. In the Indian mythology that seven stars forming the bear's tail are named as 'Sapta Rishi' tara(star) or the seven priests.

15.Ursa Minor
Ursa Minor is termed as the small bear or baby bear, semi-bounded by a dragon. This constellation is visible in the month of June. The north stars (Polaris) sits over the head of the both, small bear and the dragon. To find this constellation, you've to find the north star at end of the bear's tail and then you can easily find the rest of the constellation.